LPKF Protomat S62

Due to the fact that LPKF discontinued the S62 shortly after it was acquired by the lab, the software has not received support or updates for many years. As the software is not user-friendly, is difficult to learn, and the lab computer controlling the machine broke down, lab staff no longer officially support this circuit mill. Our CAD/CAM machine next ot the mill has the appropriate software and can still operate the S62, however training and aid are not guaranteed. Get in touch with Tim to get admin access on the PC in order to run the program.

Our recommended solution for custom circuits is to send PCB designs to OSHPark. OSHPark accepts Gerber, Eagle, or KICad files. For help ensuring you have the proper files to send out, please contact the protolab staff.

Note: OSHPark has a turnaround time of about 2 weeks (10-15 days). Please ensure you leave enough time to account for possible errors with your board design.

Safety notes