Using the Projet:

Please submit your prints via the link in the toolbar above.

Note: The Projet accomodates two different maximum build volumes, depending on the print setting you select:

SD: 11.75 x 7.3 x 8" (X Y Z)
UHD: 5 x 7 x 6" (X Y Z)

Please ensure your parts will fit within these volumes if you wish to submit a job.

What is UHD and why would I use it?

The projet features an Ultra High Definition (UHD) setting that modifies the way the printer processes files. It is roughly equivalent to increasing the DPI on a normal printer. When a job is submitted to the Projet, the machine views the file as a collection of "dots" where it should place 3D print material. By combining these dots together, the full parts are formed. When the UHD mode is selected, the printer splits the files into smaller dots, resulting in a higher resolution available for the prints. For reference, in standard definition our Projet features a layer height of 32μ, whereas UHD features layer heights of 29μ. This higher resolution allows for much more detailed parts, however the print jobs take significantly longer.

In terms of cost, the UHD setting is a bit more expensive for two reasons:

  1. The longer job times require more attention from our staff in order to manage, ensure proper printing, etc.
  2. The Projet automatically prints a "calibration" block for every job submitted in the UHD setting, which adds a fixed material cost.
        Note: This also reduces the printable area available for jobs submitted in UHD!

If the parts you wish to print on the Projet require high precision or have small features that may be "lost" with a lower resolution, the UHD print mode is necessary. If you do not require as fine detail, we recommend you opt for the standard definition for both time and cost savings.

If you have any questions about print settings and which will work best for your job, please feel free to contact one of our staff members!

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