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For funded projects, we follow a cost recovery model that charges approximately 1/3 the cost of the print to the user. This helps cover the cost of materials, repairs on machines, and staff time to run the prints and manage the printers. For non-funded and academic projects, we do our best to provide free printing up to a certain point. If a user requests a particularly expensive 3D print or there are a significant number of prints requested (e.g., for a single academic course), lab staff may request cost-recovery for prints that would ordinarily be covered under our baseline service and will not start the print until these details are confirmed with the user.

If you have a funded project, we will request a SUMS billing group or Georgia Tech worktag (account number) to send invoices. SUMS billing groups allow for a much more streamlined process of billing and individual users can be pre-approved for certain amounts of print billing. In either case, charges will be summed and invoiced at the end of each Semester.

For more information on setting up your billing group and other common questions, see the links below and feel free to contact one of the lab members with any questions.

  1. How do I make a SUMS billing group?
  2. How do I calculate the volume of my job?
  3. SUMS billing group index

If you don't know which printer to select, please check out the relevant tool pages (Projet, Stratasys, Ultimaker) for more information on the machines and their capabilities.

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3D Printer Prices

Projet: $15 per cubic inch
Projet UHD: $16 per cubic inch
Stratasys F170: $14 per cubic inch